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Ankle-Strap Patent Heels
Arden Strappy Sandals

Taylor Studded Heels
Anya Cross-Strap Sandals
Pandora Loafers
Veda Caged Sandals

Clarice Slip-In Sandals

Written In The StarsFind out what’s your power shoe, based on your zodiac sign.We have all definitely tried turning to astrology for love and life advice at some point, so why not look to the stars for some fun, style inspiration? Get the perfect pair of shoes – inspired by your star sign!ScorpioIt’s not about blending into the background, it’s about showing the world who’s boss.Common traits: Brave, Magnetic, PassionateJaslyn Mirror HeelsSagittariusA pretty pair of flats brings out your carefree spirit and sense of adventure.Common traits: Adventurous, Carefree, Easy-GoingPoppy Tassel Flats CapricornIndependent and practical, a Capricorn girl knows how to find the balance between the sensible and stylish.Common traits: Generous, Independent, ProgressiveAnkle-Strap Patent HeelsAquariusNeed a pair to express your creativity and originality? Start by playing with bright and bold colours!Common traits: Creative, Intellectual, OriginalPointed Toe Pump in Silver PiecesShow the love and compassion that is in your nature.Common traits: Compassionate, Intuitive, WiseBrenda Suede Sandals AriesExpress your cool confidence and daringly bold heart!Common traits: Confident, Driven, EnthusiasticSmooth Faux Leather Pump TaurusEmbrace your inner edginess and strut your stuff in style.Common traits: Persistent ,Reliable, SensibleScarlett Pointed Toe PumpsGeminiZCommon traits: Curious, Lively, VersatileAnya Cross-Strap SandalsCancerA classy girl like you loves investing in versatile, timeless pieces.Common traits: Classy, Determined, ImaginativePandora Loafer LeoLight up your passionate heart with a pair of fiery heels, it is time to show off your bold choice in fashion.Common traits: Bold, Enthusiastic, FieryVeda Caged SandalsVirgoYou’re not a risk taker, but you know what’s best for you. Rather than bold statements, you know it is the small details that can make heads turn!Common traits: Elegant, Careful, LoyalNerissa Ribbon HeelsLibraYou adore the laid-back life and this reflects on your daily style too. Slip on something casually chic to reflect your style.Common traits: Diplomatic, Laid-back, UrbaneClarice Slip-In Sandals