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Pack Like A Pro: 5 Packing Tips For An Effortless GetawayWhile many of us look forward to our next getaway, how many of us love packing for a trip? Odds are --- not that many. We’ve picked out a few packing hacks to keep your luggage light while still keeping your style game on point. It’s time to leave more than just the kitchen sink behind perhaps?Stop rolling your clothesIf you think the rolling method is the best way to maximise your luggage space --- think again! The rolling method will cause your clothes to wrinkle, and it takes up more room than you can imagine. Fold your clothes into thin squares (à la Marie Kondo) and layer them vertically to maximise space and minimise wrinkles!Pack light, easy to match, piecesDo you really need your favourite leather jacket for a weekend on the beach? Yes, it does get chilly at night but a lightweight shawl would definitely suffice (and it weighs a whole lot less!). To avoid the rude shock of overweight luggage, pack light, breezy dresses and versatile pieces that you can wear from day to night.Prepare a laundry bagNot all hotels provide a laundry bag, and we bet you won't want to stuff your dirty garments together with your clean clothes! Always slip a drawstring bag in your luggage to help you keep things separated.Prepare a mini beauty kitIf you are travelling with only a carry-on, remember to keep all your liquid products --- and containers --- at 100 ml or less. Bear in mind, arguing that your 200ml liquid soap bottle only contains half the product is probably not going to work.Bring products that serve more than one purpose. For example, a 2-in-1 shampoo or an eye make-up palette instead of loose pots of eye shadows.Swap bulky heels for comfy flatsLeave your heels at home! Ballet flats and sandals are versatile, and easy to match and pack. Pair it with a breezy sundress for an afternoon of sightseeing, or a tailored romper for a night on the town --- the possibilities are endless!Heatwave CEO, Elizabeth Tan is no stranger to last minute getaways and business trips. Here is her go-to packing tip!Always pack separates in a colour theme so it can be easily mixed and matched. For short trips, I also like bringing a pair of low heels that can be worn for all occasions. Willow Tie Up SandalsDesiree T Bar SandalsHeidi Sandal FlatsElena Ballet FlatsPeep Toe Patent FlatsPointed Toe Ribbon Flats