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Don’t you wish you could just roll out of bed and head straight out the door in the mornings? From picking out the perfect lip colour to choosing which outfit matches your mood for the day, the average woman has to make 500 - we’re totally exaggerating - decisions before she even leaves the house. And just as you’re about to step out the door, you stop by your shoe cabinet and spend more precious minutes deciding which pair of shoes should accompany you on your journey today.


While we can’t really help with which lipstick colour you should apply (when in doubt, choose red), we can show you the five must-have pairs of shoes for the working woman, and the outfits we love to wear them with!





Michela Stacked Heels

Featuring a stable wide block heel and with three classic colours to choose from, this is the perfect choice for women who are constantly on the go.


Wear it with?

This goes beautifully with tailored pants and a plain shirt. Great for days when you have to pop in and out of a string of meetings.


V-Cut Heels

In case you haven’t heard, our signature heel now comes in even more colours and textures. We picked the V-Cut Heel not only for its sleek stiletto and smooth curve but also for its versatility and comfort.


Wear it with?

Pair it with a pencil skirt and top (tucked in of course!) for when you want to channel some sass while still maintaining an air of professionality.

















Daphne Almond Toe Pumps

Call us crazy, but we are going to mix it up a little by recommending the Daphne Almond Toe Pump in Leopard --- a faux suede pump with a low stiletto heel and whole lot of attitude.


Wear it with?

Let your shoes be the centre of attention! Match it with a plain coloured outfit and you are good to go, no accessories necessary.






Adriana Pointed Toe Flats

The silhouette of a pump with the comfort of a sandal, this pair of flats is pretty enough for work and yet casual enough for a weekend around town.


Wear it with?

The Adriana Pointed Toe Flats in Gold or Silver is lovely with lace or florals. Channel the romantic in you by pairing it with a soft, flouncy skirt or a floral patterned dress.







Pandora Loafers

Featuring a glossy faux leather finish and a tassel and fringe detail, pick a pair in black for a classic preppy look or choose between the maroon and grey if you prefer something a little funkier.


Wear it with?

Perfect for Casual Fridays, pair it with jeans and a sweater and shirt ensemble for a perfectly preppy style statement.