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In August, Heatwave partnered acclaimed lingerie label PerkbyKate to put the spotlight on six inspiring women from all walks of life. A truly local collaboration, this intimate photography series features each woman's favourite location in Singapore and provides meaningful insight into their challenges, dreams and goals for the future. In this piece, we speak to young aromatherapist Annabel Tan.


With Annabel, we are reminded that a perfect highlight reel on social media is what we see, but the raw footage we experienced reflecting her true personality and passion in life are so much more precious. Strong-minded yet empathetic, optimistic yet real, focused yet with a zest for life, these traits oozed out so naturally in the hour we spent with her!


What would your completely honest personal profile say?

BeL to the inner circle! Overthinker, huge heart for individual stories, KGB wannabe, chronic eye-roller, allergic to enlarged egos, reads too much, wishes she could do more for the environment, young aroma therapist, catches all including herself by surprise.

This is one of your favourite places in Singapore. Tell us about the significance it has to you.

Creamier at Gilman Barracks. I love that the ice cream is locally made, delicious & they serve a decent cuppa coffee - pair all that with good company (in the form of friends or a book), sun rays, a gentle breeze or a moody storm ( chrysalism) and you got yourself a pretty epic recharge.

There's also tons of space to indulge in a random walkabout to look at trees & bits of art all around.


If you could create your own ice-cream flavour, it would be…

A whirlwind of flavours that changes every two bites. & I'll call it… A storm in a teacup.


What is something amazing you wish you had tried sooner?

Essential Oils!

What do you miss most from the Singapore you grew up in?

I feel that the scenes from the wet markets I used to frequent have changed a lot. There used to be freshly grated coconut milk we would buy fresh for my mom to make curry... and I miss buying snacks from my favourite mamashops.