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In August, Heatwave partnered acclaimed lingerie label PerkbyKate to put the spotlight on six inspiring women from all walks of life. A truly local collaboration, this intimate photography series features each woman's favourite location in Singapore and provides meaningful insight into their challenges, dreams and goals for the future. In this piece, we speak to entrepreneur and avid food stylist Ms Bella Koh.

The entrepreneur behind healthy-living IG account @catslavery, this avid food stylist and yoga enthusiast marries her colourful personal and professional life by championing the philosophy of the slow life. For Bella, the beautiful can be found in the everyday.


What would your completely honest personal profile say?

Cat lover, aspiring bummer, cooking addict.

This is one of your favourite places in Singapore. Tell us about the significance it has to you.

We have lived here at Tiong Bahru for almost 15 years! It was the beginning of the journey to #slowlife. Once we had our own kitchen, it was all about feeding ourselves well. The quaint and close knitted community bonded us too.

We love your approach to the slow life! What is a Singaporean dish that best represents your philosophy?

It definitely has to be a Peranakan dish! Me being Peranakan and how my grandma used to whip up all these dishes for an entire family of 20! I have to say BAKWAN KEPITING - Slow cooked, nutritious, heartwarming and soulful. It may not be vegan but it is made with love and brings an entire family together.

What are your tips for carving out a slow life in a fast paced country like Singapore?

It starts from the mind. Thinking calm and loving life will leave you with more time for yourself, and eventually lead you to live a slower paced life in a fast paced country. 

What do you love/miss most from the Singapore you grew up in?

Too many! The mosaic tiled playgrounds, 70's looking public pools, playing in the big drains where you might spot a fish or two and mostly, carrying food in your own porcelain bowls that you bought from the nearby coffee shop back to your home. I love how raw we used to be. Compared to the present, convenience reigns. That changes our life experiences, less interesting and less tactile.