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In August, Heatwave partnered acclaimed lingerie label PerkbyKate to put the spotlight on six inspiring women from all walks of life. A truly local collaboration, this intimate photography series features each woman's favourite location in Singapore and provides meaningful insight into their challenges, dreams and goals for the future. In this piece, we have the honour of interviewing a true survivor: Ms Iann Ethel Oliver. 

Iann Oliver is a true survivor. Her indomitable spirit shows us that while life may not always go your way, a positive mindset will always triumph the odds. Her approach to life reminds us of this quote, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” We are truly honoured to feature this courageous lady.


What would your completely honest personal profile say?

I am quite an open book if you knock down the impression you have of my seemingly tough facade.

This is one of your favourite places in Singapore. Tell us about the significance it has to you

The Henderson Waves is where my best friend and I often drive to. We would walk up the slopes together and hang out at the bridges at night; the view here is amazing day or night! It is also the place I last visited before my leukaemia treatment started.


Our bodies tell stories, literally. What’s yours?

I am always told that our bodies are our sacred temples. If so, I wanted it to be as beautiful, colourful and interesting as the Hindu temples I grew up looking at, travelled for and curious to find out the stories about what each sculpture means in the teachings.

Every ink on my body tells a different story and if you are curious enough to find out, the story behind it could be very different from what you assumed it to be.

You only live once. What is your wildest fantasy?

I would like to travel the world and try every cuisine from where it originated once. I would also like to explore every church, mosque or temple in the cities I visit because these places always bring forth a feeling of serenity and peace in ways I cannot describe in words. Last but not least, I would like to try bungee jumping, riding every rollercoaster ride on earth and skydiving at least once in my lifetime.


What do you love/miss most from the Singapore you grew up in?

Food! Definitely food. I think it's an amazing thing to grow up in such a cosmopolitan city whereby you get the opportunity to try almost every type of cuisine from different background once. When you get used to it, you would not be so skeptical about trying the local food wherever you travel to. Of course, I miss my Grandmother's cooking the most and I am so glad she passed on most of her recipes to me so that I can cook her famous dishes whenever I miss her and that is the best gift I have ever received from her; it feels like she has never left my side.